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  • MattWales
    MattWaleswritingeekcom: Welcome!
    • May 28
  • writingeekcom
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  • MattWales
    MattWalesJoJoShatwell: Welcome to the site! Glad your here!  Enjoy!
    • May 28
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  • MattWales
    MattWaleslogan: Welcome to the site! Thanks for being here.
    • May 28
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    MattWalesAtkinson: Welcome to the site!
    • May 28
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  • Brian1964Smith
    Brian1964Smith posted a new video:
    Wrecking Ball
    Live at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, MN, July 20, 2011, during the first leg of The Harrow & The Harvest Tour. Two weeks after the creation of this site. I was fortunate enough to catch this at The Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz (it's about Gillian's ti...
    • May 24
  • NAM1975
    NAM1975 I took this picture at the Ryman back in 2015. So excited for this summer's tour! 
    • May 12
  • PeterC
    PeterC Bought my ticket today for The Harrow & The Harvest show at the Beacon in NYC. Excited I am. 
    • May 12
  • MattWales
    MattWales new look and feel. like it?
    • May 9
  • Brian1964Smith
    Brian1964Smith posted a new video:
    Gillian Welch - Dark Turn of Mind (Official Video)
    Released on May 4th, 2017, Dark Turn of Mind is the first official video from the 2011 album The Harrow & The Harvest. The video's release coincided with the announcement that The Harrow & The Harvest would become the first Gillian Welch CD to be offered ...
    • May 4
    • Brian1964Smith
      shinyapple I love this! It looks like it was filmed in 2011, I guess they've been sitting on it this whole time waiting for the vinyl!
      • May 4
    • Brian1964Smith
      RunningRattie It's funny, Gill could go back in time if she colored her hair again (which I would never suggest... she looks stunning present-day), but Dave looks like a baby here.
  • Brian1964Smith
    Brian1964Smith This just in: The Harrow & The Harvest will be the very first Gillian Welch CD to be released on vinyl. Follow the link for more information on preordering. more
    • May 4
  • Brian1964Smith
    Brian1964Smith added 1 photo(s) to the album The Harrow & The Harvest.....In Color:
    • May 4
  • Brian1964Smith
    Brian1964Smith We shall see. Tomorrow will tell.
    • May 3
  • MattWales
    • Apr 27
  • sponwed
    • Apr 8
  • shinyapple
    shinyapple added 2 photo(s) to the album Miscellaneous Photos:
    • Apr 8
  • JasonK
    JasonK This may be a repost. Fairly recent set that I hadn't seen.
    • Mar 28
  • MattWales
    MattWalesAutumnJulianna: Welcome to the site!
    • Mar 27
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  • MatthewWinston
    MatthewWinston wrote a new blog entry:
    "Annabelle," You Promised!
    • Mar 14
    • MatthewWinston
      JasonK My wife's mother Annabelle died around the time we first heard Revival. The death made my wife an orphan as her father had already passed. Her step father who I believe now to be a wrong'un never gave his wife a gravestone, instead he sold the family home...  more
    • MatthewWinston
      shinyapple Thanks for sharing, what a story!
    • MatthewWinston
      gibsongirl thanks for the lovely story, matthew!
  • MattWales
    MattWalesMatthewWinston: Welcome!
    • Mar 14
  • MatthewWinston
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