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  • ianf
    ianf A video of Gillian soundchecking Saturday morning with "Hello Stranger."
    • 5 hours ago
  • sleepy
    sleepy Appalachian Sessions (January 3, 2016)
    • Sat at 11:56 AM
  • MattWales
    MattWalesLydiaFrausto: Welcome to the site! Thanks for being here.
    • Tue at 9:08 AM
  • LydiaFrausto
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  • JasonK
    JasonK Anyone know where I can read this? 
    Gillian Welch-2011 magazine article | eBay
    • Tue at 9:04 AM
  • JasonK
    JasonK I know this is going 'off-piste' but some buddies of mine are producing some lovely music in London, this is great...
    Folk Radio UK Presents… Sugar Magnolia - 'North London Country' | UNDER THE APPLE TREE
    Sugar Magnolia were chosen to perform Under The Apple Tree by Folk Radio UK, and here they are performing their song 'North London Country.' WhisperingBobTV is the channel for music lovers everywhere. Curated by Bob Harris himself, we focus on bringing...
    • August 20
  • shinyapple
    shinyapple New songs! http://www.thedailytimes.com/entertainment/sou...  more
    • August 13
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    • shinyapple
      JasonK 'Fortunately for fans who have been waiting on a follow-up to the most recent Gillian Welch album, 2011’s “The Harrow and the Harvest,” there may very well be light at the end of the tunnel.'
  • JasonK
    JasonK My band's jam attempts.
    Bells Of Harlem - Hank's Jam
    Jus' learning a Dave Rawlings Machine song at the Queen's Head, Brixton 6/10/2014
    • August 7
    • JasonK
      MattWales Sounds great brother! Great Job!
    • JasonK
      JasonK Thanks compadre.
      • August 9
    • JasonK
      tomj You don't play at the jam night at the Old Dispensary in Camberwell Green do you Jason? The girls in my band go there and always come back with loads of Gil and Dave songs.
    • JasonK
      JasonK Yes tomj, we're there every Monday, who are yr girls?
      • August 18
  • shinyapple
    shinyapple Can someone musical tell me what is going on here? I've never heard Dave play like this - is he using a slide, or just his magic fingers? (Thanks again to sponwed for the sole live version of Lowlands on the entire internet!)
    05 Lowlands
    1 track
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    • August 7
  • MattWales
    MattWales Been deleting spam all morning! Damn bot spammers!
    • August 6
  • MattWales
    MattWaleselainesicecream: Welcome to the site! Thanks for being here.
    • August 6
  • elainesicecream
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  • JasonK
    JasonK I'm sure Sponwed has this covered, but still good...
    • August 6
  • tomj
    tomj http://images.epiphone.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Microsites/centurycol...  more
    • August 4
    • tomj
      JasonK https://www.etsy.com/listing/183253592/david-rawlings-1935-epiphone-acoustic
      • August 6
    • tomj
      shinyapple Also http://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/2016/Epiphone-Interview-Dave-Rawlings.aspx !
  • sarahct
    sarahct Y'all, Get Ian Firzgerald's records! He's ianf here and I just saw him live and he's GOOD!
    • July 27
  • Brian1964Smith
    Brian1964Smith posted a new video:
    Go Away Picasso
    One of the numerous unreleased originals. This one from The Fiddler's Club, Bristol, England on 12/4/02.
    • July 18
  • sponwed
    sponwed You Won't Go No Further - July 12, 2004 - Brooklyn
    1 track
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    • July 17
  • Brian1964Smith
    Brian1964Smith posted a new video:
    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    Dave Rawlings Machine takes a stab at the Cyndi Lauper classic.
    • July 13
  • shinyapple
    shinyapple I've been working my merry way through sponwed's incredible archives for the past six months (thank you!), and I just heard Go Away Picasso for the first time. I don't know how this one slipped through the cracks between albums; it's a stunner. Kind of li...  more
    • July 11
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    • shinyapple
      Brian1964Smith Tell Me What You Think About. I believe it's on the Unreleased Originals playlist in the Music section.
    • shinyapple
      sponwed Someone Like You is on the Prairie Home Companion collection. Great song, that sounds to me and few others like it was eventually reworked into Dark Turn of Mind.
      • July 18
    • shinyapple
      shinyapple Ahh yes Brian & sponwed they are both great tracks, thanks! Someone Like You sounds like it owes something to Mom & Dad Waltz also (or whatever traditional tune that melody is from).
  • MattWales
    MattWales The movie I discover Gillian Welch & David Rawlings.
    O Brother Where Art Thou Grammy Performance (2002)
    O Brother Where Art Thou 44th Grammy Awards Performance featuring the Soggy Bottom Boys.
    • July 6
  • MattWales
    MattWales Happy 4th of July everyone!
    • July 4
  • PeterC
    PeterC Got to see Dave Rawlings Machine a few weeks ago at The Paramount in Denver. It was great. Previously when I saw them it was as support to OCMS in the UK. They were really enjoyable in Glasgow but in London the audience were annoying. Too much chatting. W...  more
    • June 29
  • MattWalesFB
    MattWalesFB The Weekend! I'm hitting it!
    Dave Rawlings Machine - The Weekend (Official Video)
    Official website: http://www.daverawlingsmachine.com Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch take a weekend road trip in the music video for their new song "The Weekend," the opening track on the new Dave Rawlings Machine album "Nashville Obsolete," available ...
    • June 24
  • chrislane
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  • MattWales
    MattWales Lessons learned. Always back up the server before you run a major update.
    • June 20